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Procedure For Addressing Patient Grievances At Universal Urgent Care

Upon receipt of a patient’s grievance, Universal Urgent Care will promptly initiate the following protocol:

  1. Initial Response: The Customer Service Director of Universal Urgent Care will:
    • Connect with the individual raising the grievance within 5 days if no prior communication has occurred.
    • Understand the caller’s perspective on potential resolutions.
    • In cases where a product issue arises, ensure replacement of faulty items.
  2. Internal Review:
    • Engage with the involved personnel for insights.
    • Administer supplementary training if deemed necessary.
  3. Resolution Process:
    • Strive to address the grievance to the patient’s satisfaction.
    • Inform the patient about the resolution steps within two days of receiving the complaint.
  4. Documentation:
    • The complaint details will be forwarded to the Compliance Department for entry into the Complaint Log.
  5. Escalation:
    • If a resolution isn’t reached, a department Director from the Compliance Department will engage with the patient within the next 5 working days.
  6. Formal Communication:
    • Within 14 days, Universal Urgent Care will provide the patient with a written summary of the investigation’s outcome.

Patient Feedback Mechanism: Universal Urgent Care may periodically solicit feedback through patient satisfaction surveys. Managers might be privy to these survey outcomes for continuous improvement.

APPENDIX A: Advance Directives Overview

What is an Advance Directive? An Advance Directive outlines your medical and mental health care preferences if you’re unable to decide for yourself. The main types include Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney. You can access official forms and details on the Secretary of State website.

Necessity of an Advance Directive: Creating an Advance Directive is voluntary. If you lack one and cannot make decisions, medical professionals will consult someone close to you. It’s recommended to discuss your wishes with loved ones in advance.

Living Will: A Living Will is a document specifying your wish for natural death under certain medical conditions. It lets you decline specific treatments like ventilators or tube feeding. It becomes active once two physicians determine your medical condition aligns with the document’s terms. Cancellation can be done at any moment.

Healthcare Power of Attorney: This legal document lets you designate someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. Ensure this person knows and respects your health care preferences. This directive becomes active when a doctor certifies you cannot make health decisions. Changes or revocations can be made as long as you can communicate.

Creating an Advance Directive: To ensure clarity and legality, your directive should be: written, signed by you, witnessed by two unrelated adults, and notarized.

Discussing Advance Directives: Discuss your Advance Directive with close contacts, medical professionals, and potentially, a lawyer. Distribute copies to relevant parties, and provide Universal Urgent Care with one.

APPENDIX B: Infection Control

Universal Urgent Care abides by CDC and OSHA standards on infection control for the safety of all involved.

Understanding Infections: Infections arise when germs enter and multiply within the body. For this to happen, there must be a source, a transmission method, and a vulnerable person.

How Germs Spread: In healthcare, germs primarily spread through touch, airborne particles, direct inhalation, or injuries from used medical equipment.

Prevention: Frequent handwashing, vaccinations, staying home when sick, and regular equipment cleaning are key. If equipment needs disposal, contact Universal Urgent Care at 972-848-5220.

Notable Infections: Be aware of symptoms for Hepatitis and Tuberculosis. If you suspect infection, consult your healthcare provider.

APPENDIX C: Home Safety for Medical Care

For a safe and efficient home medical treatment, follow these guidelines:

  • Fire Safety: Install smoke and possibly carbon monoxide detectors. Have an accessible and operational fire extinguisher. Understand your medical equipment’s electrical guidelines.
  • Electrical Safety: Ground your medical equipment. If using a three-prong adapter, ensure correct installation. Opt for quality power strips with circuit breakers.
  • Bathroom Safety: Opt for non-slip rugs, grab-bars, and possibly a shower bench or elevated toilet seat. Monitor your water heater’s temperature.
  • Bedroom Safety: Make your bedroom comfortable and efficient for recovery. Consider hospital beds, bed rails, and bedside commodes. Clear pathways and install night-lights.

APPENDIX D: Emergency Preparedness

For emergency situations:

  • Know Potential Threats: Understand potential local emergencies and when to evacuate.
  • Prepare: Know the nearest shelter and its policies. In emergencies, Universal Urgent Care will try to deliver a week’s supply of medication. Keep our main line, 972-848-5220 handy.

APPENDIX E: Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Rights: Patients can expect consistent services, timely responses, and to participate in their care plans. They have the right to voice concerns without repercussions and to receive services without discrimination. Patients also have a right to transparency about their care and the company’s procedures.

Responsibilities: Patients must handle rented equipment responsibly, report issues promptly, and keep Universal Urgent Care informed of changes. Patients should be proactive about their care, keep appointments, and update any contact or medication changes. Financial responsibilities for services rendered lie with the patient.

Patient Entitlements & Obligations

Entitlements for Patients:

  1. Expect timely and organized care from referring agencies regarding home medical equipment.
  2. Assurance of prompt communication from Universal Urgent Care for all service requests.
  3. Comprehensive briefing about the anticipated services, the professionals involved, visitation frequencies, and any changes to care plans.
  4. Active involvement in creating and updating care blueprints.
  5. Right to be fully informed before consenting or refusing services and treatments.
  6. Full disclosure on potential costs, third-party payments, and any out-of-pocket expenses.
  7. Respect for personal and property rights.
  8. Clear identification of Universal Urgent Care staff members during visits.
  9. Express concerns or suggestions without fear of consequences.
  10. Assurance that any complaints will undergo a thorough review.
  11. Freedom to select healthcare professionals and access their credentials.
  12. Absolute confidentiality of personal and medical records.
  13. Non-discriminatory care that aligns with doctor’s directives.
  14. Information about any financial gains when redirected to another entity.
  15. Transparency regarding financial obligations before service commencement.
  16. Clarity on patient duties and Universal Urgent Care stance on patient obligations.
  17. Awareness of the right to create advance health directives under state law.
  18. Updates on potential care outcomes and possible hurdles.
  19. Details about Universal Urgent Care emergency helpline.
  20. Introduction to Universal Urgent Care feedback mechanism.
  21. Easy accessibility to supervisory personnel.
  22. Assurance of impartiality irrespective of demographics or financial background.
  23. Access to Universal Urgent Care practices on clinical record sharing and care management.
  24. Guidelines on Universal Urgent Care discharge processes.
  25. Empowerment to report unethical practices.
  26. Timely notifications in case of any changes to Universal Urgent Care operational license.
  27. Knowledge about treatment rights and regulations, and the chance to offer suggestions.
  28. Information about patient advocacy groups and preventive measures.
  29. Assurance of quick and easy access to care.
  30. Encouragement for open discussions on all treatment options, despite cost or insurance coverage.
  31. Guarantee of culturally sensitive services.
  32. Clarity on the scope and limitations of services offered by the organization.
  33. Protection from any form of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment.

Obligations for Patients:

  1. Handle rented equipment with care and refrain from alterations.
  2. Alert Universal Urgent Care immediately for equipment defects or malfunction.
  3. Grant Universal Urgent Care access to rented equipment for repairs or maintenance.
  4. Use equipment strictly as prescribed.
  5. Retain equipment at the provided address unless otherwise agreed with Universal Urgent Care.
  6. Inform Universal Urgent Care about hospital visits, insurance changes, address alterations, or when equipment is no longer needed.
  7. Authorize direct payments from Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance to Universal Urgent Care.
  8. Accept all financial responsibilities related to equipment or services.
  9. Bear the cost of equipment damages due to negligence.
  10. Refrain from equipment modifications without prior consent.
  11. Understand that any permitted changes to the equipment remain under Universal Urgent Care ownership unless fully purchased.
  12. Recognize the perpetual ownership of rental equipment by Universal Urgent Care unless fully purchased.
  13. Understand that Universal Urgent Care is not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from the equipment.
  14. Accept Universal Urgent Care right to deny service delivery.
  15. Bear legal expenses if disputes arise and the patient’s claim is unsuccessful.
  16. Ensure providers are given necessary details for optimized care and regularly ask clarifying questions.
  17. Treat care providers with respect and refrain from harmful actions.
  18. Comprehend, contribute to, and comply with treatment plans and inform providers about any inefficacies.
  19. Honor appointments and notify providers promptly in case of cancellations.
  20. Update any personal details or insurance changes to providers.
  21. Report any medication changes or additional prescriptions.
  22. Inform providers about financial constraints or issues.

Reach Out To Us

  1. For queries or feedback about our website’s Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Here’s how you can reach us:


    Postal Address: 1329 W Walnut Hill Lane Suite 120, Irving, Texas, 75038

Authorization for Care & Service: Patients or their representatives grant Universal Urgent Care, in tandem with the prescribing physician, the approval to furnish home medical equipment and services. Our Patient Service Agreement has been elucidated to the patient, ensuring their understanding.

Advance Directives: Patients acknowledge their entitlement to establish Advance Directives for instances of incapacitation.

Benefits & Payments: All benefits due should be directed to Universal Urgent Care for provided services and equipment. We, on behalf of the patient, will claim such benefits. Insurance details or changes must be communicated to Universal Urgent Care within 10 days.

Data Sharing: Universal Urgent Care, alongside relevant stakeholders, can share necessary information pertinent to services or equipment. We ensure this data is solely for the enhancement of treatment and services.

Financial Commitments: If insurance doesn’t cover certain items, the patient acknowledges financial responsibility. Non-covered items and their costs have been communicated to the patient.

Contact Consent: By adhering to these terms, patients permit Universal Urgent Care to get in touch via various communication mediums, including emails and texts. Patients acknowledge the inherent security risks of non-encrypted communication.

Minors’ Communication: Universal Urgent Care safeguards children’s privacy. Our platforms are not intended for users below 18 years.

Equipment & Warranty: We undertake equipment repairs and replacements only during rental periods. Patients will be informed of the warranty specifics.

Medicare Guidance: The services/products provided adhere to supplier standards as detailed in federal regulations. The full standards can be accessed at the provided web address.

24/7 Accessibility: Reach out to us anytime through our main line at 972-848-5220. In emergencies, always contact local emergency services.

Medicare Rental Policy: Medicare offers a 13-month rental policy, post which the equipment belongs to the beneficiary. Subsequent repairs or services fall under the beneficiary’s purview.

Feedback & Grievance: Patients have the right to voice concerns or grievances and are assured of timely responses without repercussions.

For any further clarifications or to voice concerns, please reach out to Universal Urgent Care directly.

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