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Universal Urgent Care Online Privacy Policy Agreement

Universal Urgent Care deeply respects the privacy of its users. The Privacy Commitment presented here outlines how we gather, utilize, and handle personal data from visitors of our website or users of our online services. This Commitment emphasizes Universal Urgent Care dedication to exceeding current privacy norms.

We may update this Commitment as needed. To stay informed on any changes, we recommend regular visits to this section. If Universal Urgent Care ever decides to use personally identifiable data in a significantly different manner from the original intent at collection, affected users will receive an email notification. At such times, users will have the choice to grant or deny permission for the new data use.

This Commitment is strictly for Universal Urgent Care and directs our data collection and usage. By using, you agree to the data practices outlined here.

It’s important to mention that our Commitment doesn’t extend to companies outside Universal Urgent Care control or individuals not under our employment or management. When visiting websites linked or referenced by us, always review their privacy guidelines. We strongly advise understanding the privacy procedures of any website you interact with.

To clarify, this Commitment will guide you on:

  1. The type of personal data we collect from our website.
  2. The reasons and legal foundations for collecting personal data.
  3. How we use and potentially share the collected data.
  4. Your available options regarding your data usage.
  5. Measures we’ve implemented to safeguard your data from misuse.

Information We Collect

You always hold the power to choose whether or not to provide us with personally identifiable information. However, should you decide against it, we may not be able to register you or deliver the products or services you seek. Our website gathers different kinds of data, including:

  1. Direct Submissions: This is information you willingly offer, possibly including your name, postal address, email, billing details, or credit card specifics. We primarily utilize this data to facilitate your purchases and to render services you’ve requested.
  2. Automated Collections: During your website visit, certain data like cookies, third-party trackers, and server logs might be collected automatically.
  3. Anonymized and General Data: Occasionally, Universal Urgent Care might gather non-specific demographic data, like age bracket, gender, income range, political leanings, ethnicity, and religious views. Furthermore, data about the browser, IP address, and operating system you’re using can also be collected. This assists us in elevating the quality of our service.

Moreover, Universal Urgent Care might occasionally explore other websites our users frequent. This is done to understand which services and products resonate most with our clientele or the wider audience.

We want to reassure you: this platform only collects personal information you consciously provide, such as through survey participation, membership form completion, or email communication. Our primary intention is to use this personal data for the specific reason you provided it and any other relevant purposes outlined in this Policy.

How We Use Your Data

We gather your data for various purposes:

  1. To understand your needs better and deliver the services you’ve sought;
  2. To enhance our services and products in line with our genuine interest;
  3. To share promotional content we believe aligns with your interests, but only with your consent;
  4. To invite you for surveys or other market research activities, once we have your permission;
  5. To tailor our website based on your online interactions and preferences.

We commit to holding your data only as long as necessary. The duration of data retention is determined by several factors:

  • Relevance of the data to our ongoing operations;
  • The need to maintain records showing we’ve met our responsibilities;
  • Potential claim limitation periods;
  • Mandated retention durations by law or suggested by oversight bodies or associations;
  • The nature of our agreement with you, your granted consents, and our justified reasons as described in this Policy.

Handling of Gathered Information

Universal Urgent Care stands firm in its commitment to your privacy. We neither currently sell, rent, nor lease our customer data to third parties, nor do we have any plans to do so in the future.

We might use the personal details you provide to facilitate the smooth operation of our website and to ensure we deliver the services you seek. There might also be occasions where we use this data to inform you of other services or products available on that could be of interest to you.

Furthermore, Universal Urgent Care may reach out to you for feedback through surveys or research questionnaires, helping us understand your views on our current services or potential new offerings.

While we leverage various third-party social media tools, including but not limited to platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, it’s crucial to note that these platforms may capture your IP address and employ cookies for optimal functioning. Their operations are dictated by their own privacy policies and are beyond the direct influence of Universal Urgent Care.

Our Approach To Cookies

Cookies are small data files that request permission to be saved on your computer’s hard drive. If you consent, these files help track and analyze your interaction with websites. Essentially, cookies enable web platforms to offer a personalized experience by understanding and remembering your preferences.

Our primary usage of cookies is for traffic analysis – we want to know which pages on our site garner the most attention. With this data, we can refine our website to cater better to our users’ preferences. Rest assured, we use this information exclusively for statistical purposes; once analyzed, the data is deleted.

The beauty of cookies is that they only provide us with data you decide to share. They don’t allow us any unauthorized access to your computer. While many web browsers automatically accept cookies, you have the choice to decline them by adjusting your browser’s settings. However, doing so may limit your user experience on our site.

We value your privacy, so the cookie data remains with us. It’s neither linked with any identifiable personal information nor shared with third parties. This cookie-related privacy note pertains only to the Universal Urgent Care website.

Third-Party Analytics: We employ third-party analytics services like Google Analytics to understand user interaction with our site better. While these services set their cookies, they help us make data-informed decisions about enhancing our website and services. These analytics services may relay this data to other parties if legally required or for further processing on their behalf. Remember, their use and sharing of this analytics data are bound by their respective terms and privacy policies. By engaging with our site, you’re agreeing to the data treatment by these analytics services as described.

Information Sharing Guidelines

Universal Urgent Care maintains strict protocols about how your data is used and disclosed. We only utilize or disclose your information in the following scenarios:

  1. When essential to deliver services or products you’ve requested;
  2. As outlined in this Policy or if you’ve granted explicit consent;
  3. When aggregated with other details in a way that keeps your identity anonymous;
  4. In legal scenarios, responding to subpoenas or search warrants;
  5. Sharing with external auditors committed to confidentiality;
  6. Upholding our Terms of Service;
  7. Safeguarding Universal Urgent Care rights and assets.

Managing Your Data

You have rights concerning the gathering and usage of your personal details.

Your personal data will never be sold, shared, or leased to third parties without your explicit consent or unless legally mandated. With your permission, we might use your details to forward promotional content from third-parties that aligns with your interests.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you can request a detailed account of the personal data we hold about you. This may incur a nominal fee. If you’d like to access this information, please reach out to Universal Urgent Care at 1329 W Walnut Hill Lane Suite 120, Irving, Texas, 75038.

Should you discover inaccuracies in the information we have about you, please notify us either in writing or via email at the aforementioned address. We’re committed to rectifying any errors promptly.

GDPR & CCPA Guidelines

Reach Out To Us

  1. For queries or feedback about our website’s Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Here’s how you can reach us:

    Postal Address: 1329 W Walnut Hill Lane Suite 120, Irving, Texas, 75038

GDPR Transparency: For those who have indicated compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the aforementioned Privacy Policy incorporates necessary provisions. Still, true GDPR compliance goes beyond this and requires actions such as:

  1. Assessing data processing activities for enhanced security.
  2. Establishing data processing agreements with third-party vendors.
  3. Appointing a dedicated data protection officer to oversee GDPR adherence.
  4. In specific scenarios, designating an EU-based representative.
  5. Having protocols for addressing potential data breaches. To thoroughly understand GDPR compliance requirements, refer to the official site: Universal Urgent Care and its affiliates disclaim responsibility for ensuring GDPR compliance and any potential liabilities arising from it.

CCPA Overview: The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) emphasizes safeguarding the personal information of California residents. A “business” under the CCPA determines how personal information is processed, while a “service provider” processes it based on a business’s directive. Universal Urgent Care acts as a “business” concerning information it collects directly from individuals and as a “service provider” regarding customer data.

Your CCPA Rights: If you’re a Californian who has provided personal information to Universal Urgent Care during certain interactions, the following rights apply to you:

  1. Information Access: You can inquire about personal information categories Universal Urgent Care has gathered in the previous year.
  2. Data Rectification: If you feel we hold inaccurate or incomplete data, please contact us, and we will make necessary corrections promptly.
  3. Data Deletion: You can request that Universal Urgent Care erase your data, but exceptions based on legal or operational necessities exist.
  4. Data Sales Opt-out: While Universal Urgent Care doesn’t sell personal information, under CCPA, you would have the right to opt-out if we did.
  5. Non-discrimination: You’re assured of non-discriminatory service upon exercising your CCPA rights.

Details on Personal Information: Refer to the “Information We Collect” section for specifics about what personal data we collect and how it’s utilized. If you wish to inquire about this, contact us.

Data Deletion Request: You can ask us to erase your personal data, but some exclusions apply, such as legal obligations or transaction completions. If you want this, contact us.

No Data Sales: We do not monetize personal data by selling it to third parties. But, we might share it with specific service providers under the CCPA’s business-purpose clause.

Request Verification: To ensure data safety, we’ll verify your identity when you make a request. This might involve matching two or more data points with our records. If you appoint an agent to represent you, we’ll need proof of their authorization and might also need to verify both your and their identities.

In certain scenarios, if we can’t verify a request’s authenticity, we may decline it, explaining our rationale.

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